Useful tools

Copper stamps, wax guns, seal machine…



To carry out its achievements and to respond to the diverse demands for wax, Roze, The company has their own workshop of wax. In addition, they have precision equipment to respond positively to almost all of your needs and expectations.

Melting pots:

Useful items for dipping the neck of the bottles.

• The 0.850 Liter model is made of an aluminum round bowl in stainless steel body.
• A simple tin inside allows you to change colors easily.
• Temperature is regulated to give the wanted fluidity corresponding to your production rate.
• 2, 3 & 5Liters copper melting pots are available on order.

Electric sealing machine:

Handy, reliable and economical:

• It uses wax in pieces which is sold at a lower price.

Electric sealing machine

Wax guns:

For limited needs :

• MT 90 and wax MOD.12
• PAC 316 - three warming speed - and wax EPX diameter 12 mm

Work only with sealing wax 12 mm diameter sticks.

Wax guns

Copper stamps:

They can be standard such as a given year, or of you own: logos, initials; they can have various shapes or sizes: round, oval, rectangular or square…
For larger applications we can introduce you to firms that will study special equipment for you.

Copper stamps